Leadership Forums are small groups whose members are committed to developing and reinforcing Christian servant leadership in their secular careers.

Leadership Forums

Members of Working Faith have a unique opportunity to participate in a Leadership Forum. These groups aren't your typical small group, nor are they for business development or Bible study. Leadership Forums provide an intimate environment for professionals who are in a leadership role or on a career leadership path to discuss the challenges of the business world through the lens of our faith.

Members must apply to be in a Leadership Forum and agree to uphold the program's mission and tenets.



  • Confidentiality
  • Time commitment
  • Openness and vulnerability
  • Christ-centered
  • Judgement free
  • Structured process
  • Respect for diversity
  • Sharing of experiences (rather than advice)
  • No solicitation/business development policy

Participation Requirements

  • Faith commitment
  • Leadership role or path in career
  • Time commitment (three to four hours a month)
  • Commitment to mission
  • Financial commitment (cost sharing of group expenses. For example, if your group meets at lunch you'll pay for your meal).