Working Faith equips professional leaders with the skills to integrate their faith into their work.

Working Faith: Carrying Sunday Through to Monday and Beyond

Working Faith is a membership-based leadership development program for professionals that is designed to inspire and connect leaders through speaker events and optional Leadership Forums facilitated by experienced and proven professional leaders.

Leadership Forums

Leadership Forums are the cornerstone of the Working Faith program. These small groups of six to eight members meet in a confidential environment and are committed to developing and reinforcing Christians servant leadership in their secular careers.

These groups aren't your typical small group, nor are they for business development or Bible study. Leadership Forums provide an intimate environment for professionals who are in a leadership role or on a career leadership path to discuss the challenges of the business world through the lens of our faith.

Participation in a Leadership Forum is by application only.

Speaker Series

The Working Faith Speaker Series provides members with access to a wide range of inspirational and thought-provoking speakers who have experienced how faith has impacted their work, changed their lives and expanded their influence.


Through Working Faith's Speaker Series and Leadership Forums, Christian leaders can build relationships, gain valuable insight and have access to peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities that aren't available through other leadership development programs.

We want you to leave these walls better prepared to transform the world in the name of Christ with the gift of your leadership.

Rev. Paul Rasmussen, Senior Minister at Highland Park United Methodist Church