Eliminate Anxiety in Leadership

Do Not Be Anxious

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life…” Matthew 6:25a As I ponder the command from Jesus regarding anxiety, the first thought that comes to mind is: “easier said than done.”  Our human ability to project into the future gives us the tendency to care about the future which often leads to […]

Faithful Witness of Leadership in the Church

The Witness of Bob

Recently I made the Sunday morning rounds at our church which include shaking the hands of all of the ushers dutifully assigned to the entrances of the sanctuary.  I noticed that one of our long-time ushers – Bob- had lost noticeably lost weight. I shook Bob’s hand and thanked him for being a great ambassador for the church […]


Down By the River

Last week our staff ministry area leaders had a planning retreat in Austin, Texas.  On Monday morning we loaded up into 3 vans and then sped down Interstate 35 South to our state capital in a drive of some three hours. We were fortunate in that we had members who had made available their expansive […]