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The Mark Craig Leadership Network empowers servant leaders working in the church and in the public sector to integrate their faith into their work. Through the Network's two-track program, our goal is to expand spiritual influence, by sending servant leaders into the community.

Great leadership. It is the catalyst for success in any enterprise. Whether it be your place of work or in your own home. And we certainly believe that to be the case right here in the local church.


Working Faith: Designed for professionals to equip them with the skills necessary to integrate faith into work.

Craig Fellows and Residents: Created to empower servant leaders who wish to expand their spiritual influence through pursuing a career in ministry.

Craig Fellows
Required Reading

In the coming year, our Craig Fellows will be required to read the following books as they work on their leadership skills in the church. The list was put together by the ministers of Highland Park United Methodist Church. How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge, Clay Scroggins The Emotionally Healthy Leader, Peter Scazzero […]

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Welcome to the Mark Craig Leadership Network

For over one hundred years, Highland Park United Methodist Church has lived into our mission of creating deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ. A big part of this effort is raising up young Christian leaders. As doctors learn best practices from teaching hospitals, we want young women and men from around the country to access […]


Interview with Peggy Wehmeyer regarding John O’Leary’s story, On Fire

John O’Leary has an incredible amount of experience working with professional leaders of every industry, but his story shares an intensely personal experience from when he was a child. Often in our faith, we like to keep our religious life separate from our professional life. Particularly as a leader, what is the relationship between your […]